About Turkish Delight

30 years of creating beautiful food

Best Kebab Shops of the Year 2013 Winner!  As voted by the British Kebab & Retail Awards.  Read more at the BBC

Deniz Dikgoz

Head Chef

Tina Dikgoz


Mete Cizmja

The Manager

We pride our selves in offering a warm and friendly dining experience .

Turkish Delight started over 25 years ago and is still going strong today, run by Tina and Deniz and their great team, they offer a great insight into the world of Turkish cuisine and at the same time giving the traditional Turkish a modern twist in both taste and presentation. My name is Deniz and I am the Head Chef of Turkish Delight and I believe in keeping our cooking in some ways rather simplistic in its ingredients, which ensures that we get all the great taste by drawing out all the flavour from the ingredients we do use, giving very clean tastes, everything identifiable from the garlic to the lemon to coriander and so on. Our menu caters for most palets and we make everything on the premises which ensures that we know exactly what ingredients goes into our food. This is great for people with food intolerances such as wheat, flour and dairy allergies as we can offer food without such ingredients. We have on many occasions prepared specialist meals for customers with special dietary requirements.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for visiting our website and hope to see you soon to enjoy an evening at Turkish Delight.